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Halifax Rambling and Social Club Newsletter  --  Edition Five   --   April 2017


Welcome to the 2017 annual edition of our Newsletter.

 It’s been another good year for the club. with you, the members, embracing and supporting the events, making them successful, so thank you for your continued support The club has hosted two weekends away, the first in October to Llandudno and in March to Newcastle. All the trips were enjoyable and gave walkers an opportunity to walk in different parts of the country on recognized walks and to experience some lovely scenery along the way.  A committee of volunteers from the club put a lot of time and effort into planning the trips and I’m sure that along with me, you would like to extend your thanks to them for all their hard work.  The train trips were also well supported with club members visiting a variety of destinations.

A Christmas meal for Thursday walkers was held at the Stump Cross Inn and for Saturday walkers at Stubbing Wharf.  Both were well attended and gave members a chance to wine and dine and enjoy other walkers company.

As planned I led the Calderdale Way walk which proved to be an experience. Please read my report later in the newsletter

The weekly walks continue to be well supported with Thursday being the most popular day for walking.  I thank all leaders who make the walks possible and give a word of encouragement to any members who have not yet led a walk and ask that they take the plunge, there will be help available if you need it.

Let’s hope that 2017/18 proves to be another enjoyable walking year, keeping us all fit and healthy and hopefully the weather will be kind to us.

The Calder Way Challenge

15 Members of the Club rose to and completed the challenge of walking the whole of the Calderdale Way, this took place on five Saturdays from August to October 2016.

Individual walks had as many as 26 people on them, making them very well attended and they were led by myself, Kevin Firth, current President of the Club.

I thought that it would be a good chance for club members to walk the whole of the Calderdale Way using public transport for reaching the starting points and using it for the return journeys.  The walks were in the region of 10 to 13 miles each and took in some lovely scenery and views along the way from the high points which required a lot of strenuous hill climbs. The weather was kind to us on each section and we saw the local countryside at its very best.

Image description
Image description

Train Section Visit to London, ( taking in Wembley Stadium and

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Hindu Temple and the Broad Street Pump).


Alan writes (with some editing from Gillian due to restricted space)

As in previous years the group (this year 32 members)   travelled by Grand Central to London arriving at11.13.am Two members elected to go shopping. Our first visitor attraction for the remaining members was The National Stadium at Wembley. travelling by tube to Wembley Park and walking down Olympic Way .We toured the Changing Rooms, Players Tunnel, Team Benches, Staircase of Fame and the Royal Box .We were not however allowed to venture onto  the hallowed turf as it was being watered. The tour lasted about 2 hrs with our Guide named Steve .Leaving the Stadium we walked three quarters of a mile to Wetherspoons ‘J .J Moons’ in Wembley High Road where the ‘ professional shoppers’ joined us .We then took bus No 16  to the North Circular Road where we alighted to walk three quarters of a mile to the Hindu Temple. On arrival at the Temple we were requested to leave our bags and rucksacks in the store room. On entry to the Temple itself we had to pass through the typical airport security check. Ladies left their shoes on the right, men on the left .We were allowed to roam the Temple and were fortunate to witness one of their religious ceremonies( we all sat on the floor) We were then given an audio visual presentation showing how the temple had been built by volunteers of the Hindu faith. Suitably impressed and spiritually enlightened we retrieved our shoes and walked a mile to the tube station taking the Jubilee line to Oxford Circus .From  there we walked along Regent Street to reach Broadwick Street, the site of the Broad Street Pump. Disappointingly the pump had been removed to facilitate the construction of Cross Rail. We did however visit the ‘John Snow’ pub. Dr John Snow  had carried out research in the area in 1854 to establish the cause of the cholera outbreak there. He concluded that the water supply was contaminated and  condemned the use of the pump for a trial period. Cases of cholera were eradicated in the surrounding area.

Mrs Pat Atkinson had given us a talk on this subject in 2014 at Club Night thus sparking our interest..

We returned to King’s Cross by the Piccadilly line, caught the 19.52 train  and were able to exchange details of our experiences arriving in Halifax at 22.22.pm

Throughout the day Harry did an excellent job as ‘Back Marker and Counter of Heads’

Editors note.   

This was an excellent day out  organised with typical Alan Precision.(and I suspect help from Ilona) so Thank You Both. 

A superb day in our capital city. What have you in store for next year Can’t wait to find out !

Image description
Image description

            Wembley lion made from litter left after matches                                       and the winning team ????????

The Lyke Wake Walk 

Over the years the club has walked several challenge walks, the longest and most strenuous being the Lyke Wake Walk in 1982.This is  a 40 mile stretch across the North Yorkshire Moorsto be completed in 24hrs. Much preparation was needed with provision of food and transport which was undertaken by various ladies of the club and included a hot breakfast and lunch .Several members completed the challenge including present members Bill and Deirdre .   Another group went two to three years later years later, this time organised by former member Nick Welburn who, unfortunately, was unable to take part due to a knee injury so provided back up instead.

Following the first  successful crossing of the moors  Frank Collinge wrote the following poem to record the event.


Ten people, ably led by Reg                                              There’s driver Reg and his dear wife

Are dieting on steak and veg                                             Who organised this day of strife

For they have planned a walk so long                               There’s good old John-suave quite tall

They really must be fit and strong                                      I dare say he can run it all

They start it off with quite a shock                                     There’s Phil and Betty-half asleep

Their bus sets off at three o’clock                                      All night they’ve had their feet in steep


There’s Marion and Husband Jim                                     The back up party four or five

Feeling tired but looking trim                                             Will try to keep them all alive

There’s Margaret studying the map                                  So they may all return and talk

While Bill and Deirdre have a nap                                    Of how they did The LYKE WAKE WALK

There’s Peggy feeling up to par                                        Good Luck!! God help you in your task

And Mabel with her Yorkie bar                                          Come safely home, that’s all I ask.


Ramblers Walking Partnership.   

Members are reminded that if they are booking a Ramblers Holiday that there is a scheme operated by Ramblers Holidays which returns money  for every holiday booked which nominates Halifax Rambling and Social Club. It is this money which has enabled us to set up the newsletter and web site.Between April and October 2016 our club received £60 through this arrangement so many thanks to those who nominated us. The money is specifically for the upkeep of the website and publication of the newsletter.

A Little Bit of History

 I asked Audrey Mitchell as one of the long standing members if she would recall some of her experiences in the early days of her membership.

 Audrey writes that a chance meeting with a college friend from outside the area led to her joining the club in 1953, then known as Halifax H.F Rambling and Social Club.  Audrey had never heard of it although she was a local girl.

Audrey’s first two meetings were Social ones, a dance, film show and supper, then a Leap year party. Her first ramble was on the Sunday March 1st to Hebden Bridge, over moors to the Sportsman’s Arms and back via Hardcastle Crags.  In those days Sunday was the full day as most people worked on Saturday mornings  Thursday and Saturday walks started early afternoon, included a tea and went on into the evening. Leaders were responsible for finding a tea place where ramblers were welcome and where tea in large pots was provided or even a full meal.  On the next walk on March 15th Audrey found herself put down to lead a walk on May 30th. and says ‘never was a first time leader recruited with such speed’. 6 people attended her ramble.

At this time ramblers always arrived at the starting point by public transport . Many of you reading this will remember that this format for walks was continued at least until 1990’s and has not changed much since then.


Group on cliff tops in Anglesey

Image description

LLANDUDNO WEEKEND – 7th, 8th, 9th October 2016

On Friday 7th October 48 members set off from Halifax Bus Station to travel to Llandudno.  Before booking into the Chatsworth House Hotel we had time to look around Llandudno.  The hotel was big with three coaches staying there as well as other guests.  The swimming pool was very nice and some members enjoyed using it.

We enjoyed a lovely three course evening meal and were then free to do as we wished. 

After an eventful breakfast (shortage of staff caused the problem) on the Saturday we set off for Anglesey on a lovely clear day.  All three walks were on the Isle of Anglesey Coastal Path and finished  Holyhead.

The A Walk was 11 miles and started at Inshore Rescue Boat Station on coastal track with Alan and John being the leaders.  Unfortunately Kevin had a tumble and had a nasty bump on his forehead and had to go to hospital. Alan administered first aid before he left to go to the hospital.  The B Walk was 9 miles and started at Bryn Awel on coastal track with Peter and Bill as the leaders.

 C Walk was an easy 5 mile walk around the headland to  Holyhead and was led by Harry and Jeff.  We were lucky to see a baby seal and its mother swim up on to the shore.

Three very enjoyable walks with lovely view and good weather.


On the Sunday morning breakfast was better organised and we left the hotel and set off for walks along Wats Dyke Way All walks finished in Wrexham

A Walk was 11 miles starting at Overton Bridge with John and Alan as leaders. B Walk was 9 miles and started at Twining Hill  with Bill and Peter as the leaders.C Walk was 5 miles starting at  Broth Lodge  with Harry and Jeff as leaders.           

All groups met at Wetherspoons – ‘The North and South Wales Bank’ for a drink and refreshments.  Paul our coach driver met us there at 4.30 for the journey home.  He was very helpful throughout the weekend and we hope we meet him again.

A big thank you to Bill Callaghan for his excellent work planning the walks which is not an easy task and also thanks to all  walk leaders .

The next weekend is in the Newcastle area in March 2017. Something to look forward to after the winter.

And here we are  March already!

Newcastle weekend 24th 25th  26th  March 2017


On Friday morning, in brilliant sunshine, 48 members left Halifax Bus Station at 11 o’clock for our journey north.  Before going to the hotel we spent a couple of hours in Newcastle where there was lots to see. Hopefully some of the photographers amongst us will send Kevin a few photos for the website.  We arrived at The Britannia Hotel Newcastle and quickly took our luggage to the rooms and then down for our evening meal.   Some walked to the local pub after the meal whilst others were happy to stay in the hotel.

On Saturday after breakfast the coach left the hotel at 9.15 to take us to the start of our walks.  The A walkers 10/11 miles were dropped off first at Belford and lead by Peter and John.  The B walkers 8/9 miles were dropped off at Out Chester and lead by Bill and Kevin.  The C walkers 4 miles were dropped off at Bamburgh lead by Harry and Jeff.  All our walks finished in Seahouses where we had time for refreshments before setting off back to the hotel.  All three walks were excellent with lots of lovely scenery and again the weather was beautiful (no raincoats needed).  Non walkers spent time in Bamburgh before getting a bus to Seahouses.  We left there at 4.50 for our journey back to the hotel for our evening meal.

On Sunday after breakfast our luggage was taken to the coach and we were off to the start of our three walks which all finished at Bishop Auckland.                 

The A walk 11/12 miles started at Shincliffe with leaders John and Kevin.  The B walk 8/9miles started at Sunderland Bridge with leaders Bill (Peter was unable to walk unfortunately) but Phil stepped in to back mark for him.  The C walk 4/5 miles started at Willington with leaders Harry and Jeff.  Another three excellent walks mapped out for our leaders by Bill all followed the Weardale Way.  Non walkers went to the Cathedral in Durham and other site seeing spots before going to Bishop Auckland.  There was time for refreshments in Bishop Auckland before our journey back home.  Yet again the weather on the Sunday was lovely and fortunately we had no major accidents other than a few blisters and all members had enjoyed themselves.

Thanks once again for Bill for his excellent choice of walks and all the planning work he does for our leaders.  Due to Alan and Eric be unable to lead Kevin kindly stepped in to help to ensure that we had two leaders for each walk.

Grateful thanks to all our leaders, Bill, Harry, Jeff, John, Kevin and Peter as without them the weekends could not go ahead.  

Editor’s note. This seems a good time to say ‘Thank You’ to the small committee who organise these weekends and each have their own particular role to play. Helen and Roger Davies, Christine Armitage, Ilona Akroyd, Ann Edney and Jean Whitwam



Rumour has it that the ‘A’ party never stops??????

and the ‘Bs ’keep up appearances..



Photos from  a perfect weekend at Newcastle.

Image description
Image description

Birthday Surprise for Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team

Our club Treasurer Ilona Akroyd celebrated her 70th birthday in January and asked friends not to buy any presents but instead would welcome contributions to raise funds for a charity especially dear to the heart of all local walkers. Calder Valley Seach and Rescue. Friends were very generous and the sum of £306 was raised.(including gift aid)

The photograph shows Ilona handing over her personal cheque for £306 ( including gift Aid) together with the £50 annual donation from Halifax Rambling and Social Club, to Ann Ogden, of Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team.


Ilona was very touched by the amount received and says A Very Big Thank You for all the donations.


Donations were also made to CVSR following the Thursday Christmas lunch (£80) and the Long Walk held last June.(£20)

Image description

Club Web Site   www.halifaxramblingandsocial.co.uk       

Kevin, our present President is the manager of the club web site and keeps it topical and up to date. He is always happy to receive contributions for the site, written accounts, photos, points of interest etc. Members without a computer can send them in writing and Kevin will put them onto the site. Please read it. Walk alterations and cancellations are notified on the site. Thank you Kevin.


This has increased recently and this seems a good time to welcome those joining us and to wish them Happy Walking. It is also a time to remind all members that the Club owes its success to the effort put in by members in leading the walks, organising weekends etc etc. Reading the syllabus it is clear that some members do a large number of walks and others none.. New walk leaders are always welcome and help to plan a walk is always available from those with experience .The syllabus says that after two years of membership it is expected that members will start to contribute to the syllabus by leading walks themselves. Please think about offering a walk next year! In the  meanwhile many thanks to those who keep the walks going and to the Secretaries.

The Train Section .

Thinking about this section of the Club always makes me smile but using the trains has provided many really good days out, usually with a walk included, sometimes short, sometimes longer Numbers have built up over the years and special offers have been used for several outings. The club went to Morecambe and Heysham with a walk round Heysham Head and are planning a London trip in July. A taste of culture is provided on May 3rd with a visit to Hull, City of Culture 2017 and it is expected that the always popular trip to Blackpool will again be in October. Details are available from Roger(see the syllabus)

Walking Etiquette

Just a reminder about the etiquette of walking with a group rather than as an individual.

Most of this is in the syllabus and is common sense but there have been several new members and is a useful reminder to our long standing members also.

Following these simple suggestions a much happier day's walking can be had by all standards of walker.

1. When Boarding a bus do not block the pavement. This gives us a bad name.

2. When road walking keep in single file and walk facing the traffic. THE RIGHT.

3. Do not get in front of the leader without their permission as you will be deemed have left the walk.

4. Make sure you look behind before turning out of sight and signal direction to the following person.

5. If you are leading and people have dropped behind, make sure that you give them time to get their breath when they catch up before setting off again.

6. If you decide to leave a walk before the finish make sure that the leader or someone knows. This prevents unnecessary waiting and worrying about missing persons.

7. As this is a walking Club please remember to be considerate of all members who may walk at a different pace to you.

8. Try to choose a walk suitable to your personal walking ability.

Taking notice of these points will help everyone to have an enjoyable day.

Happy Walking

Halifax Rambling and Social Club Newsletter   --   Edition Three --   May 2015

Well here it is Our Third Newsletter.

It is a way of keeping all members informed of what goes on, not just

those who are on  walks. Your feed back would be appreciated. The new syllabus is completed with details

of all  forthcoming club activities. This will be available after the AGM.  Membership is kept at £5.00 Such

a bargain!! Actually it is a good read especially for the walk  titles, some quite humourous and witty and fun

to guess where you might be going As always a great deal of work has gone into the production of the

 syllabus . It takes about 9 months to get it all together and many members are involved in compiling it.


Map Library

The club currently holds a small map library and we would like to update our maps. If you have any maps not now needed please hand them to our General Secretary,Jenny.  Likewise, club members may borrow maps and they may also be able to be used on Club Weekends and Coach Rambles.


Train trips

On March 25th, a glorious day, the group travelled on the Settle-Carlisle railway and enjoyed splendid views  of the Three Peaks, the Northern Pennines, Skiddaw and the Lake District .The next two trips will be to Buxton or Lyme Park on Wednesday 6th May and to London on Wednesday 15th  July 2015. Travellers should purchase Advance Fare tickets from the middle of April.

                    Winter walking needs special care.                                                                          Keep your hats on if  you can

                                                                                Photos courtsey of Peter Cheslett

Image description
Image description

The Great Bake Off.

Club night in December took the form of A Great Bake Off which was quite entertaining. There was rather a surfeit of cakes as the support  from club  members overwhelming, Tasting caused much hilarity and the winner was Harry Edney with his Bread Pudding He  was duly awarded the Wooden Spoon. Thank you to everyone who contributed either baking or tasting.

Help for Charities

In December Kevin Booth and his grandson Joe raised 41.70 from their ramble which,

added  to the money raised in their summer event allowed them to send 147.70 to Motor Neurone

Disease Society. Following the Raffle held at the Thursday  Christmas Dinner at Stump  

Cross  £75 was sent to Calder Valley Search and Rescue.


Kendal Weekend (March 27th-29th)


With a late change of destination we set off for Morecambe on Friday morning. The afternoon was spent in Kendal, giving time for the Saturday leaders to check out the walk starts and others to take refreshment.. 

We arrived at the Headway Hotel in Morecambe,and were met by lovely, helpful staff.  The views from the hotel were wonderful as we could see right across the bay over to the Lake District. 

There was time for a stroll into Morecambe before getting ready for the excellent evening meal. Evening entertainment was provided by Les a local singer with a large repertoire.  

Many of the group walked into Morecambe for our usual port of call – Wetherspoons - ‘The Bartholomew‘.  Named of course, after Morcambe’s celebrity Eric.

A very good start to the weekend!.


Saturday we woke to rain and this persisted for much of the day.  We left the hotel by coach  at 9.15  for  Kendal where 3 walks had been arranged  All ended in Bowness-on-Windermere. The A walk was led by Alan and Eric, the B walk led by Peter and John and the C walk led by Harry. 

Three very enjoyable walks despite the weather conditions.  It was very slippery underfoot with many falls, two resulting in serious injury, a broken leg for John and a broken finger for Alan. 

Returning to the hotel we had another excellent meal followed by entertainment from an accordion player who had everyone up dancing.  Again several of the group went into Morecambe.


Sunday morning we had an early departure towards Kendal.  All walks set off from Sizergh Castle and  finished in Kendal. The A walk was led by Peter and John, B walk by Harry and Alan, C walk by Eric. 

The weather was much kinder to us and although not free from rain it was not as heavy. Most of us managed to have a meal prior to our return home.

Having spoken to a lot of our members, all seemed to have had a very enjoyable weekend.  We had an  excellent National coach driver – Andy who even doubled up as taxi driver to the hospital. All the hotel staff were very hard working and pleasant throughout our stay.

A big thanks to all our walk leaders and also to Bill for all his hard work in planning the walks for both days.

The next weekend will be to Coventry, October 2nd to 4th  with walks on the Cotswold Way.


Image description
Image description

Can you identify the picture of evening light on the deepest lake in the Lake District?

Bring me Sunshine!    Lest look forward to the Spring and Summer walks

Don't forget the LONG WALK on June 13th. An ideal opportunity to test your stamina with a safety net of a back-up team to support everyone.

Followed by a good meal.

Halifax Rambling and Social Club Newsletter   --   Edition Four --   April 2016

Image description

An introduction to your Incoming President

For those of you who don't know me I would like to introduce myself. My name is Kevin Firth and I live in Northowram with my wife, Linda and our fat cat, Charlie. I have been a regular walker for over 20 years but since my retirement three years ago I have become a more active member of the walking club and my usual day for walking is Saturday. After joining the committee it was proposed that the club have its own website to promote our activities. I took up the challenge of designing and developing the website and would welcome ideas and features from members, so please take a look on            


In May I shall be taking up the position of President following Roger Davis who has done an excellent job and will be a hard act to follow. I am looking forward to this new venture and will be marking it in the first year by leading walks around the whole of the Calderdale Way to be done on a Saturday in five sections over three months and all the details will be in the 2016 - 2017 Annual Syllabus.

I have always been interested in map reading and have more recently combined this with a GPS. One of my aims as President is to try to encourage club members who haven't yet led a walk to become new leaders. If any members are interested in taking up this challenge then I am willing to help with the planning/map reading of a walk or you could even use an existing one.

Finally, let us all look foward to another successful year's walking where everyone enjoys the

challenge of the walks and the camaraderie of other members, whatever- the weather!

Ramblers Walking Partnership and the generosity of Club members booking Ramblers Holidays enables us to produce our 4th newsletter. The Ramblers Walking Partnership is a scheme which returns money to our club for every holiday booked by our club members or other people who nominate us. We received £140 in 2015. This money has to be spent on nominated projects, ours being the circulation of the newsletter and maintenance of the web site.



Holiday insurance. Important notice.

Any member taking a holiday with the Club is reminded about adequate insurance cover in case of cancellation or curtailment of the holiday due to unforeseen circumstances such as medical expenses, loss of luggage and personal liability claims. Coach companies are reminding all participant of the need for such cover and offering their own insurance, requiring paiticipants to either have their own insurance or sign an indemnity. Anyone not having insurance and needing help would be required to cover all their own expenses and re-imburse the company for any expenses incurred in offering assistance. It is the responsibility of the member to arrange then own insurance.

Advice  is available from the organiser.


Club Web Site    www.halifaxramblingandsocial.co,uk

The newsletter is a way of keeping non-walking members and those without internet access up-to-date with events. The web site contains all up-to-date information with alterations to walks and buses. The History section of the site is quite empty and there must be members reading this who have stories to tell of past club activities and achievements. The club was founded in 1906.! No computer skills are needed. Just write out your contribution and Kevin

will do the rest.

Booking for Coach Rambles.

Coach rambles will now have a date for bookings to open when names should be put down and a deposit paid. Final payment due at a later date. These dates will be found in the syllabus together with the name of the organiser. Please contact the organiser.

Christmas Meals

Both Thursday and Saturday walkers enjoyed a Christmas meal. Thursday as usual was at the Stump Cross organised by Jean Whitwam, whilst Saturday walkers tried a new venue at Stubbings Wharf organised by Pauline Cheslett. Before the meal members met at Hebden Bridge in wet and windy weather.

26 members were hardy enough to brave the latter. The route went up behind the railway station and on to Pinnacle Lane before dropping down to Callis Wood and Bridge. The route then crossed the main road and went up to Hippins and Blackshaw Head across the fields into the Colden Valley and back to Stubbings Wharf where non walkers joined the group. 

The meal was good and there was plenty of room for wet coats and rucksacks.

The new venue was voted 'good' and may be used again next year. Sadly the pub was devastated by the January floods. We hope that by the time you read this the pub will have been able to re-open, if only on a reduced basis.

As in previous years the proceeds from the raffle held at the Thursday lunch (£63) was sent to Calder Valley Search and Rescue.

Club weekend in the Cotswolds.

The first weekend in October 2015 took members to the Cotswolds staying at Boswell Hall Hotel near Market Bosworth (sadly no Wetherspoons!). Coventry was visited on the way down with time to visit the Cathedral and have a look around. The hotel was busy but the food excellent.

Three walks were arranged for Saturday.

The A walk (12 mls) led by Alan Akroyd and Peter Rushton, B walk (9mls) by Bill Callaghan and Harry Edney, C walk (6mls) led by Eric Townend and John Radcliffe, all finishing in Chipping Camden. C walkers had the opportunity for a short look round Broadway before climbing up to Broadway Tower with spectacular views. Rugby fanatics were able to watch the first part of the match in the hotel and then make a dash for the local hostelry for the second half.

Another excellent day's walking and camaraderie.

Once again there were three walks on Sunday. All the walks ended in Stamford where there was time for refreshments. Thanks go to the walk leaders on both days who were Alan Akroyd,Peter Rushton, Bill Callaghan, Harry Edney John Radcliffe and Eric Townend.

Many thanks to them all and also to the organising committee. A special thanks to Bill for arranging the walks and for Harry with direction finding, (better than a sat nav!!), when there were road diversions.

Walks Secretaries.

Sheila has completed her first year as Saturday Secretary. There have been walks on most Saturdays, many in very poor weather. There have been one or two problems but these have usually been sorted out by the goodwill of members who have stepped in at the last minute when leaders had not attended. It is expected that any leader unable to fulfil their commitment should find a replacement and notify the secretary.

Diane McDowell has retired from her job as Sunday Secretary after 16 years in the job. Her place has been filled by Judith Turner. A big 'ThankYou' to Diane for all her hard work and Welcome to Judith. 

John and Jean continue as Thursday secretaries.

The Very Popular Train Section

Following last year's successful visit to London, another trip was organised by Alan Akroyd and Roger Davis again using Grand Central Trains but with a different itinerary. There were three itineraries suggested. The first led by Alan was a trip down the River Thames, Roger escorted a group to the Royal Albert Hall and the third group Annabel and David did their own thing. The group arrived in London at 11.13.am and split up.

The River Trip began on the embankment and sailed down to Greenwich Pier just as Big Ben chimed noon. Seats on the top deck enabled the group to enjoy both the weather and the commentary given by a Thames Waterman (a cockney sparrow). Wetherspoons 'The Clock Gate' (where else?) at Greenwich provided lunchtime refreshment. Afterwards the group boarded the 129 bus to the 02 Arena where they walked round and marvelled at the size of what is really only a big tent! A short walk followed to the Emirates Air Line, a cable car flight across the river to Emirates Royal Dock and onward to Canary Wharf by Light Railway. The group then walked around the Financial hub of the city seeing the impressive skyscrapers.

Returning to central London it was time for further refreshment in Wetherspoons The Lord of the Mall in Whitehall or St Martin's Crypt.

Visit to Royal Albert Hall

Arriving at Kings Cross the group of 12 boarded the No10 bus to their destination enjoying the various sights en-route. An excellent guide took them round explaining many things and showing photographs of the many perfomers there from Big Daddy, the wrestler from Halifax, famous orchestra and Opera singers. Various sporting events take place there as well as concerts. Part of the tour showed where the Queen has her own personal entrance and the room she uses before and after the performances. The group sat in the Royal Box and listened to the guide talk about the organ, the changing of the stage sets and how the stage had also been transformed into an ice rink for Ice Shows. A walk through Kensington Gardens in lovely sunshine , passing The Serpentine to Hyde Park brought the group to the bus for Kings Cross and meeting up with the others.

Returning to Kings Cross the groups caught the 19.52 to Halifax arriving in Brighouse at 22,22 pm. Harry had done an excellent job in 'back marking' and counting' throughout the day. It had been another thoroughly enjoyable action packed trip, wonderful weather and most of all good company. Details for 2016 trip are available from Alan Akroyd.

Bretton Yorkshire Sculpture Park Poppy Day November 4th 2016

At the request of Millie Lumb, Alan Akroyd put together an itinerary for visiting the display of World War One Centenary Art Commission 'The Poppies Wave'. Alan did this, not realising that he was also involved in leading the walk! Never one to admit defeat Alan put together the itinerary, researched the buses and route and led the walk. What would we do without you Alan? 19 people travelled to Huddersfield and on to Clayton West from where they walked to Bretton Park. The group then disbanded agreeing to meet up at The Wave at 1.30pm The impressive display featured poppies flowing from the upper lake onto the cascade bridge and into the lower lake.

Disappointingly, part of the effect was lost due to the lower lake being drained and the support structure visible. Assembling at the appointed time the group walked back to Clayton West taking in part of the Bamsley Way and the Kirklees Way. Conditions underfoot were difficult due to the mud but everyone returned safely to Halifax at 4.45pm.

Alan writes 'Thanks to everyone for a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable day. Rubbish weather

but as usual Good Spirited Company.

Image description

A Happy group on their visit to the Royal Albert Hall as part of the London Day Out.

Image description

The poem below was written by Tom Harris who walked with the club until 

90 years of age.

Tom led many walks around Hebden Bridge, usually involving snickets and steep steps!! .

Many older members will remember him and newer members may be inspired to 

Keep At It!



Twas in '91

I came to live in Calderdale

I came to walk

On hills and tracks

On moorland paths

And woodland trails

To toil up steep valley sides and follow old drovers tracks

To explore the countryside

While I can

For I will not

Always have the energy

To toil up the slopes

I do declare that Calderdale is by far

The grandest place I have ever visited

I love the drystone walls

I love the lonely moors

I love the gushing streams

I love the quiet woods

I love the countryside in Calderdale

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The Annual Long Walk will take place on Saturday June 18th 2016 and walkers will tackle the Ramsbottom Round. This is a walk of 20 miles and an opportunity to challenge yourself with the safety net of a back up team should you be tired or want drop out. As the name suggests this is a walk in Lancashire. Roger Hellowell is again the Organiser. 

At the end of the walk a meal is arranged for those who wish it.

2015 had been a very wet year for walking with many wet days and waterlogged ground. Good walkers look after their boots and of course one cannot go into the local pub with muddy boots so what better way to clean them!! . Sink brushes are becoming standard equipment.

Of course everyone likes the fine days with lovely views but on poor days the challenge is different.

The enjoyment and feeling of satisfaction is gained from different things such as finding the way in poor visibility, fighting the elements and hopefully, keeping reasonably dry, if not comparing notes about who is the wettest. But whatever the day the company is always good.

These are the days that are remembered!

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Club weekend in Carlisle

On the 18* March, 47 of members met for our the journey to Carlisle for the first weekend of

 the year. We called at Penrith on the way before going on to The Crown and Mitre Hotel in the centre of Carlisle. The hotel was excellent and there was a swimming pool of which many of members took advantage on the Friday and Saturday.

The staff were very welcoming and helpfull throughout our stay. We were allocated a private dining room for our group for both breakfast and evening meal which was very nice. We had a lovely meal and then tried several of the local hostelries as well as the hotel.

Early rise on Saturday as breakfast was between 7-8am for an early start for the walks along a stretch of Hadrians Wall. The A group was led by John Radcliffe and Eric Townend and started at Reaygarth to Once Brewed (11 mls). The B group which was led by Alan Akroyd and Peter Rushton started at Greenhead Cleugh a distance of (9 mls). The C group were led by Harry Edney and started at Four Laws. All walks ended at Twice Brewed and yes you have guessed this is a public house. Our members were spread into three evenly balanced groups and all walks were strenuous in places but the weather was kind. Non walkers went into Hexham.

We headed back to the hotel, about an hour's journey, which left time for a swim, a rest or a wander round the city.

On Sunday the A Walk was led by Alan and Peter starting from Grayrigg Foot (12 mls). The B group led by John and Eric started 1st Sheepfold on A685 (9mls). The C walk led by Harry left from Lincoln's Inn Bridge. All walks finished in Sedburgh where early finishers were able to have a meal. The walks on the Sunday were less strenuous than those on Saturday. The weather was brilliant and very good underfoot.

We had an excellent very friendly driver.

Everyone enjoyed the weekend and we must thank the walk leaders for their excellent leadership once again. We specially mention Bill Callaghan for all his hard work in planning all our walks yet again. This year was very difficult as the places he had planned were not able to be visited due to the bad flooding over the Christmas/ New Year period. Hopefully they will be able to be used at a later date.

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