Halifax Rambling & Social Club

Walks and Grading Information

Key to walks –     E - Easy

                                 M - Moderate

                                 MH/S - Moderately Hard/Strenuous

                                 S/H - Strenuous/Hard

                                 C – Circular  -  Start / Finish the same place

                                 L – Linear  -  Starts One place finish anothe  place


Walks gradings are a guide to difficulty


Easy   -    For reasonably fit people with at least a little country  walking experience

Moderate -  Walks for people with country walking experience and a good level of fitness.May include some steep paths, open country and be at a good pace.

Moderately Hard/Strenuous    –    Harder walk for experience walkers, with hill climbs and could have time constraints.

Strenuous/Hard  -  For experienced country walkers with an above average fitness level.May include steep hills and rough country and walked at a brisk pace, could have time constraints.

Important additional advice

Walk gradings are provided as a general guide only. The pace of the walk is appropirate to the distance and the available time, regional difference in terrain and the weather conditions on the day, all of which can make a walk more difficult than planned.

If you have any doubt about your fitness for a particular walk please contact the organiser or leader in advance.

If you’re unsure of your fitness level, try a short and easy walk first, it’s much better to find a walk a little slow and easy than to make yourself miserable and exhausted and put you off your next walk.

The leader may decline to take anyone on the walk who is though by the leader unlikely to be able to cope with the pace or lengh of the walk.

Walking boots and warm, waterproof clothing are essential.

Sorry no Dog are allowed on club walks

Syllabus 2021/2022

Bus Station disruption

Please check where bus leaves from and any time change

25 Nov 21


The Three S’s

8 miles M/HC.  Walk starts from Halifax Bus Station at 10.15 am. 

Picnic Lunch.  Leader(s)  Jackie Appleyard


25 Nov 21


Ogden to Queensbury

5.5 miles MC.  10.53 am Keighley bus 502 from Albion Street to Ogden.  Walk starts from bus stop at 11.20 am.  Picnic Lunch.  Leader(s)  Eileen Ratledge.


27 Nov 21


Allescholes and Cranberry Dam

9 miles MHS/C.  592 bus at 9.50 am to Todmorden Bus Station.  Walk starts at 10.46 am.  Picnic Lunch.  Leader(s)  Peter Rushton.


28 Nov 21


Crimsworth Dean

7/8 miles M/C.  Burnley bus 592 at 10.20 am to Hebden Bridge.  Walk starts from Park Gates at 10.55 am.  Picnic Lunch.  Leader(s)  John Radcliffe.


2 Dec 21




Judy Woods and Norwood Green

7/8 miles MC. 10.25 am Leeds bus 255 to Station Road Wyke (4 stops after Wyke Lion). Walk starts at 10.50 am. Picnic Lunch. Leader(s) Carole Wright

2 Dec 21


Shibden Saunter

6 miles E/MC. 10.30 am Huddersfield bus 549 to Stump Cross. Walk starts from Stump Cross Inn at 10.45 am.  Picnic Lunch 

Leader(s) Jackie Appleyard


4 Dec 21


Christmas Ramble and Meal

7/8 miles M/C.  592 Burnley bus at 10.20 am to Hebden Bridge park gates.  Walk starts from park gates at 11.00 am.  Picnic Lunch. 

Leader(s)  Peter and Pauline Cheslett.


5 Dec 21





9 Dec 21


Black Brook

8 miles MC. 10.00 am Huddersfield Bus 503 to West Vale. Walk starts from car park at 10.15 am.  Picnic Lunch.   Leader(s) Elaine Bielby


9 Dec 21


West Vale Wander

5/6 miles MC. Frequent service Huddersfield bus 503 to West Vale. Walk starts from car park at 10.45 am.  Picnic Lunch

Leader(s) Phillip and Janet Parry


11 Dec 21


Windmill Surprise

5/6 miles EM/L.  Keighley bus B3 at 10.12 am from Hope Street. Hebden Bridge to Crossroads Park Entrance at 10.45 am (4 stops AFTER Haworth Steam Railway stop) Walk finishes in Haworth to join in Christmas events.

Picnic Lunch.   Leader(s) Kathy Midgley


12 Dec 21


And Back from There

6 miles M/L.  Todmorden bus 590 at 10.20 am to Park Gates, New Road Hebden Bridge.  Walk starts at 10.40 am and finishes in Todmorden.

Picnic Lunch.   Leader(s) Peter Rushton and Derek Hargreaves.


16 Dec 21


North and South

8 miles MC.  10.00 am Nunnery Lane bus 549 to Stump Cross.  Walk starts from Shibden Park lower car park at 10.15 am.  Picnic Lunch. 

Leader(s)  Jacqueline Walker.


16 Dec 21


CHRISTMAS LUNCH for those booked on it

Organiser Jean Whitwam.


18 Dec 21


A Walk with Mince Pies

10.5 miles M/C.  Regular buses from Halifax to Sowerby Bridge, Station Road where walk starts at 10.00 am.  Picnic Lunch.  Leader(s)  Kevin Booth


19 Dec 21


A Christmas Walk around Shibden Area.

6/7 miles M/C.  Bradford Bus 682 at 10.23 am to Shibden Park Barn near the Park Entrance Parking.  Walk starts at 10.40 am.  Picnic Lunch.

Leader(s)  Eileen Ratledge.



23 Dec 21


Christmas Wander Walk

8 miles M/C. Walk starts from Halifax Bus Station at 10.15 am. 

Picnic Lunch.  Leader(s)  Wonder Who?


25 Dec 21





26 Dec 21





30 Dec 21


Meander around Queensbury

8 miles M/HL.  10.12 am Bradford bus 576 to Cooper Lane, Clayton Heights.

Walk starts at 10.35 am and finishes in Halifax.  Leader(s)  John Radcliffe.