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We're a friendly and sociable group of people from all walks of life, who all have one thing in common - a love of walking.

We walk every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday all year round and hold a club night each month October to March.

We always welcome newcomers to come and try our walks and there is no reason to be put off if you are on you own. Walking in a group is a good way to meet other people.

The club is made up of around 200 members, and our base is Calderdale and surrounding area.

Join us for a Walk

You don't have to be a member to join a walk to see if it's for you.

You can try up to two walks before deciding to join the club

We have a full years syllabus Thursday, Saturday and Sunday all leader lead.

Membership per annum Adults  £5.00

Children under 16   £2.50

How fit do I need to be

We offer a range of walks from 4 to 14 miles.

A general level of fitness is required, however, all walks are graded to help you decide which would be OK for you. Start easy and work up the scale.


A suitable pair of walking boots/shoes, warm and waterproof clothing, a rucksack and a packed lunch/drink is all you need to get you started.


What characteristics do I need?

Just a sense of adventure and some humour and don't mind getting wet or muddy at times.

We walk in sun, wind, rain and snow and say there is no such thing as bad weather only the wrong clothes.



Will all walkers please be considerate to other members of the public, when waiting at bus stops or getting on/off the bus.

It's the club's good name that will be tarnished.

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7 Aug 21



CAR RAMBLE – Above Malham Cove   CANCELLED


9 miles MC.  9.55 am Keighley Bus 502 to Cullingworth War Memorial.  Walk starts at 10.30 am.  Picnic Lunch.  Leader(s)  Kathy Midgley and John Radcliffe.

Presidents message for “ Freedom Day”

19th July 2021,

Finally we have reached the day restrictions in place over the 

last 18 months are supposed to be lifted and life can return to normal.

In reality the Country appears to be some way off having conquered Covid.

Personally, I  would like to urge our club members to continue

to be vigilant and for the time being maintain some of the measures

that have kept the majority of us safe so far.

Please continue to observe any guidance issued by our walk secretaries to walk leaders and co- operate with them.

It is in all our interest. 

Thank you.


Pie & Peas  Event
Some good news, the Pie and Peas event on the 10th August can go ahead. Refer to the syllabus. 

Contact  Phillip by the 3rd August if you wish to order pie and peas.

Otherwise just come along for a social catch up.


To avoid unnecessary contact, these are only available by post, from the Club Treasurer. 

The cost is £5.70 including postage or £11.00 for 2 members living at the same address. 

Cheques payable to Halifax Rambling & Social Club

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Have a look at past syllabus

How do I call Mountain Rescue

1- Dial 999 or 112

2 - Ask for Police (there is no specific Mountain Rescue option)

3 -Be ready to give a CHALET report.

C -   Casualties  How many, ages, type of injuries etc.

H -   Hazards  For example, strong winds, potential rock fall.

A -   Access   The name of area or mountain, specific paths and landscape features.

L -   Location   How to find you - a grid reference or co-ordinates plus a description of area.

E -   Equipment  What do you have at the scene?  Torches, Shelter, First aid kit.

T -   Type  Give a description of the cause and if possible time of incident.