Halifax Rambling & Social Club



 1.      NAME:   The name of the club shall be the Halifax Rambling & Social Club.



 a)       The promotion of the healthy enjoyment of leisure within the countryside.

 b)       The arrangement of country rambles and other social events.

 c)       The fostering of a spirit of social fellowship between all Club members.

 d)       The encouragement of a love and understanding of nature.
 e)       The conservation of our rural heritage; co-operating with like minded organisation and individuals on matters of common concern.

           The Club shall not distribute any surplus funds to members but may use any such profits for the benefit of the membership at large, for agreed charitable purposes (See Rule Nine below) or may invest any such moneys for the future benefit and security of the Club.


 3.      MEMBERSHIP.

Membership shall be open to all who concur with the Aims and Objects of the Club and upon payment of the annual subscription. 

All children up to and including those of fifteen years of age shall be accompanied during Club activities by a parent or adult sponsor who is also a member. 
Members are encouraged to play an active part in the activities of theclub. 

Membership may be withdrawn or suspended by the Club Committee subject to personal appeal to the Committee and/or the Club Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Any member wishing to resign must do so in writing to the General Secretary who will inform the Committee at the next suitable opportunity.

Honorary membership shall be conferred on any member who has completed fifty years or more continuous service with the Club. 

In additional the Committee may recommend honorary membership for any member they consider to have provided exceptionalservice to the Club. 

This latter honour to be approved by the next following AGM.



Additions or amendments to these rules shall be made only at an AGM or Special GM.  In either event four weeks notice of such proposed changes must be circulated to members prior to such meeting.



The rate of Subscriptions shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting of the Club and shall be payable by June 1st of each year. 

On receipt of subscriptions by a Club Official or any member of the Committee an Annual Club Syllabus will be issued to members. 

New members joining the Club after December 31st shall pay half the current subscriptions for that year. 

If the subscription for any continuing member is not paid by October 1st or within four weeks of any earlier reminder being sent the Committee may deem membership to have lapsed.

 6.      MANAGEMENT:

The Club Financial Year shall run from June 1st to May 31st of the following year up to which latter date the Club’s Annual FinancialStatement shall be prepared. 

The Club shall be managed by a Committee of the following Members and Officials:

- President

- Vice President

- Gereral Secretary

- Treasurer

- Thursday and Saturday and SDunday Rambles Secretaries.

- Social Secretary

- Ordinary Menbers (six in number)

- Up mto two Members co-opted by the Committee from time to time.


Terms of office:

- The President to serve for a period not exceeding three years.

- Club Officers shall retire annually but shall be eligible for re-election.

- Members of the Committee shall be elected for three years, two members to retire each year and can offer themselves for re-election.

- Members may not be elected to the Committee or as Officers untill they have been members of the Club for at least six months.

- Retiring Officers shall immediately be eligible for election to the Committee.

- Co-opted members my not serve beyond the end of the next financial year following their co-option unless confirmed in their position by an AGM.

The Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancies occurring during the year.

The term of office for anyone so appointed stall be concurrent with that of the member replaced.

 Seven members, serving as Officers or Committee, shall form a quorum. 

The President or, in his or her absence, the Vice President shall have the casting vote.

The Committee shall be empowered from time to time to introduce such Standing Orders as are deemed necessary for the efficient running of the Club,

 Such orders shall remain in force until the next AGM or Special GM at which they shall either be approved,amended or rescinded.




The Election of Officers and Committee shall be by ballot.


Members of the Club may nominate candidates, such nominations to be sent in writing (seconded and with the written consent of the candidate) to the General

Secretary to arrive by 31st  March of the current year.


A list of candidates duly nominated and, should a ballot be required, a voting form will be sent to each member with the Annual Financial Statement.


Completed voting slips may either be submitted to the General Secretary not later than two days prior to the AGM (being kept sealed until such meeting) or submitted

in person to tellers appointed by the AGM to count all papers submitted.

The votes will then be counted and the result announced. Any spoilt ballot paper shall bedisqualified as to the section, which is spoilt, but votes made on an

 incomplete paper can be accepted. In the event of a tie for any office a second vote shall be taken by those members present at the meeting, 

in the event of a further tie the casting vote will be made by the President.



The Annual General Meeting of members shall be held between the 21st  day of April and the 20th day of May on such date to be determined by the Committee.

Notice of the AGM accompanied by an Agenda, copy of the audited Annual Financial Statement and, if required, a voting paper shall be sent to each paid up or Honorary

member, as soon as possible after March 31th  of the current year.


The purpose of the AGM shall be to receive the Secretaries Reports, to receive the Audited  Annual Financial Statement and the Treasurer's Report,

to transact such other business as may be required by, or shall be consistent with this document, provided that notice of such business is included in

 the Agenda, and to discuss business raised by any member on notice of motion which shall have been sent in writing to theGeneral Secretary with

 the name of the proposer and seconded by the thirty first day of March immediately prior to the date of the meeting. Other business may be raised

at the discretion of the President but may not be voted upon.


A special General Meeting (of which fourteen days notice shall be given) shall be called by the General Secretary in the following circumstances:

- Upon the direction of the Committee, or

- Upon requisition signed by at least one tenth of the members stating the specific objective(s) of calling such a meeting.




Any charitable allocation of funds shall be made at an AGM or Special GM.

The Committee is authorised to make such grants in case of emergency need to an amount not exceeding fifty pounds in any one financial year.




The  Secretaries shall jointly compile the Annual Syllabus under the leadership of the General Secretary and submit it to the Committee for approval 

in good time for printing and duplication prior to the AGM - at which time it will be made available to all members - on receipt of their annual subscriptions.


They will co-ordinate the organisation of all rambles, socials and other Club activities including the provision of meals and transport arrangements where agreed

.They will account to the Treasurer regarding any material financial implications of such activities, keeping full accounts and transferring any surplus funds from such

Activities for the benefit of the Club's general fiscal benefit at appropriate times -Immediately prior to the end of the financial year on May thirty first in any event.


The General Secretary shall call all General, Special and Committee Meetings, shall keep proper minutes thereof and deal expeditiously with the 

general correspondence relating to the Club's affairs


He or she will make their best endeavours to ensure that adequate Public Liability Insurance is maintained on behalf of the Club and its Members 

at all times and will in the event of any problem meeting this responsibility, immediately call a meeting with the President and Treasurer to determine 

what action(s) shall be taken.




The Treasurer shall receive all moneys belonging to the Club and shall pay the same into an Account opened in the name of the Club at such 

Bank or Building Society as the Committee shall direct.

The treasurer shall keep such proper Accounts as the Committee shall desire and shall render to the Committee and to the AGM an account of

all moneys paid by him or her on behalf of the Club,

The Annual Financial Statement will include an account of all Club moneys - including those moneys handled during the y ear by the Secretaries and,

 exceptionally, by other Club Members.

All cheques drawn on and withdrawals from the Club's Bank, Building Society or Giro Accounts shall be signed by two, either the President, General Secretary,

Treasurer or nominated member of the Club Committee.


The Treasurer shall keep a record of all subscriptions received along with the names, addresses and, as appropriate, telephone numbers of all members.

Expenses approved by the Committee and incurred by members carrying out Club business or other activities on behalf of the Club shall be reimbursed 

by the Treasurer on the presentation of the appropriate receipts or other documentary evidence.




Rambles and all other Club functions shall be restricted to members and to their visiting guests. No visitor may attend more than two Club functions 

in any period of twelve months.

Leadership of rambles shall in general be confined to members of the Club.

A leader shall be appointed for each ramble who shall be responsible for the route. 

The leader shall also have responsibility for finding an alternative leader should he or she not be available on the day of the walk.

 Each member will be expected to keep with the party and to notify the leader should it be necessary to leave before the end of the ramble.

No dogs are allowed on Club Rambles.




The Club shall be dissolved:

1.Should the membership fall to such a level that it is no longer a viable financial proposition to continue.

2. Should a change in legislation make it impractical to continue organising walks.


This is to take place following a proposal from the committee and approved at the

Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting.


The current elected committee at the time will be responsible for the distribution of any surplus funds to an appropriate Charity of their choice.